Marilyn Levin's Global Sufficiency
Sufficiency Paradigm and Food

What is the paradigm of sufficiency? And what does it have to do with food sensitivities?

Marilyn Levin is an award winning social justice activist. Her workshops cause paradigm shifts in consciousness. Workshop attendees are exposed to mind-bending experiential exercises which shatters their world view of scarcity created by our culture.

Marilyn also tells us how shifting your paradigm from scarcity to sufficiency will also impact how you view food. Her workshops may also be very good for people who need to reduce their total consumption as well as those who need with food sensitivities who need to cut certain foods from their diet. 

Workshops SAT Sept 11th Register HERE.

Her websites are:

Food Powers with guest Marilyn Levin (mp3 download)

Get personal accounts of healing and interviews with authors, filmmakers and more!

What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.
--Lucretius (99 B.C. -  55 B.C.)  

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