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Dr. Joe Vitale
Asthma symptoms, food triggers, panic attacks, food allergy, allergies, paprika

Joe Vitale
Law of Attraction and marketing guru, Dr. Joe Vitale, has been interviewed on CNN and MSNBC but he's NEVER been interviewed about his food allergies--until now!

Could your "uncurable" asthma be a food allergy instead? Certain combinations of foods will trigger asthma symptoms and heart symptoms in Dr. Vitale. How did he find out? His doctors never asked if he had food allergies or even what he ate the day of his attacks. Listen as he explains how combination foods will trigger asthma symptoms and panic attack symptoms AND what simple test helped him to solve his medical mystery.

Food triggers for asthma. Serious food combination allergy.
Paprika allergy.
Cow milk sensitivity.
MRT food sensitivity test.
Combination foods. 
Sensitivities to green peppers, tomatoes, corn, caffeine, grapes.

Health complaints prior to test:  Asthma symptoms. Panic attacks. Genetic heart condition.

Joe is a real person. His main websites are:
Interviewed July 2009

Food Powers with guest Dr. Joe Vitale (mp3)

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What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.
--Lucretius (99 B.C. -  55 B.C.)  

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