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Custom Bars, Shakes and more
You Bars
Order custom made Nutrition Bars, Shakes, Cereal, and Trail Mix online! Use the promo code "FP" to receive 10% off your order!
True Nutrition
Build your own nutritional shakes. Options include your choice of proteins: beef, egg whites, hemp, pea, rice soy, etc.
Health Supplements
Frezzor (anti-oxidant)(formerly Moxxor)

High doses of antioxidants function like an anti inflammatory. My dog has been on Moxxor for several years. She was taking an anti inflmmatory supplement for years prior to the switch. When I've forgotten to give her a dose of Moxxor, I get reminded the next day when my dog is in noticeably more pain. 

Pet Remedy FOR CATS
Our cat, Suoer Tiger, was diagnosed as diabetic and two shots a day were recommended for him. We promised to alter his diet and get him retested. Instead we found and gave him Pet Remedy. Weeks later ST was retested and his blood sugar levels were normal. No more Diabetes!
Body, Hair, Skin, Make Up & Household
MiEssence: Organic Skin, Body, Hair, Make up, etc
Growing Young: A Doctor's Guide to Anti-aging...
This book explains how cell health is directly linked to the aging process, why cells need to be optimized, and what supplements and doses you take to achieve cellular optimization.
Videos & Documentaries
Healing Cancer Inside Out
Food Matters
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
The Tapping Solution
Tapping International


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