Got a bad pap?
"How I Healed My Severe Dysplasia and HPV Naturally (You Can Too)"

I got a really bad pap test result in 2007. The medical terminology listed "severe cervical dysplasia (CIN 3)" which is the stage just before cancer. Every gynecologist who examined me told me a hysterectomy was the preferred solution.

But I healed my precancerous bad pap naturally instead!

Following my food sensitivity test results boosted my immune system and allowed my body to heal itself. But the bad cells returned and that's when I sought help from a Naturopathic Physician. I took a specific protocol of vitamins and herbs at therapeutic doses with a proven history of healing bad paps. That protocal boosted my immune system an additional amount and helped my body to heal itself, again. I've continued getting my regular follow up paps and all are NORMAL! 

 I also healed my fear of cancer and viruses and reduced my stress load by acknowledging the mind body connection. Every thing that I did, I share with you in this book.

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What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.
--Lucretius (99 B.C. -  55 B.C.)  



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