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My name is Nerissa Oden and I created FoodPowers.com to share information that I have learned about food sensitivities with others so that they may benefit - just like I did.

My discovery of food sensitivities happened when I turned 40 in 2007. I had a severe cold for 10 days before going into my General Practitioner. She put me on antibiotics and the cold symptoms disappeared but a raging sore throat began unlike any I had ever experienced. My GP put me on steroids next, but the raging soreness returned. Then I was put on a combination of stronger antibiotics and stronger steroids for ten days. My soreness disappeared. And yet, my GP didn't know what had happened and I was referred to an Ear Nose Throat specialist.

While waiting for my ENT appointment, a friend, Dr. Rick Barrett, encouraged me to get tested for food allergies. I thought that was a dumb idea because I could eat anything and always have my entire life. I had pollen allergies but no food allergies. Or so I thought. Boy was I wrong!  

My food allergy test said to stop eating broccoli, salmon, black pepper and more!  I eliminated from my diet every food the test said I was sensitive to. Less than a week later I felt so much better! Only six weeks later I had energy and endurance like I did in my twenties!

No more headaches, racing heart, hot flashes, swollen ankles, shortness of breath, lack of energy, exhaustion from short walks, sinus drip, sneezing, sore throats, foggy brain or tinnitus.

The irony of my personal story is that I was seeing a dietician (RD, LD) and was on their diet plan for months prior to my health breakdown. Even though I was tired and spacey and depressed most of the time, I had just thought that it was because I was getting older and didn't exercise. My ankles had been swelling at night and then all the time so I decided I should go see a nutritionist to help after all my bloodwork came back normal.

Although I was eating better than I had in my youth for years, the dietician pushed me to eat even better than that - all organic and natural products. Targeted supplements like Omega3 from salmons. And in true irony, the registered dietician (RD, LD)  never offered me a food allergy test even though I learned later that she believes in them. Well long story short, it wasn't how poor I was eating that was causing my issues but rather what healthy items I was eating that was. Basically, the nutrition plan I was put on literally pushed me over my health limit and voila! I suddenly have a raging fire in my throat for no reason according to GP.

I am thankful, so very grateful, that I knew Dr. Rick Barrett DC, BS. It was he who saved my life. Rick has a bachelor's degree in nutrition (BS) and is a doctor of chiropractic medicine (DC) in Sugar Land, Texas.

Two weeks after getting my test results, I did keep my appointment with the ENT. He said all looked well but found nothing wrong with me. I told him of my new found miracle and he said he knew all about food allergies and sensitivities, but that he believed I had been suffering from pollen and he wrote me a couple prescriptions. (What a dope.)

There are many other stories to share including my personal journey back to health. Please join my email list to be notified about recent blog posts and other news information. I promise the information will be rewarding.

Nerissa Oden

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What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.
--Lucretius (99 B.C. -  55 B.C.)  



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