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Cynthia Jones
Fibromyalgia, heal fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia elimination diet

What did it take to endure 25 years of pain and agony? Cynthia Jones knows the answer. She figured out the root cause of her fibromyalgia pain, eliminated it from her diet in August of 2007-- and has been pain free ever since. She is 100% healed of her fibromyalgia!

How did she do it? Did she get tested? Or follow a food elimination diet for chronic pain? She kept a food log and through trial and error she narrowed down the culprit of her chronic fibromyalgia pain. Today she helps others by sharing her story and research in a book and blog to help others who are dealing with chronic pain.

In this interview Cynthia also reveals how to healed her restless leg syndrome, her food allergies, and stopped her recurring meningitis! No she didn't take multiple drugs; she just simply stopped eating this ONE THING!  Stream the interview now, or buy the book!

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Food Powers with guest Cynthia Jones (mp3)

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What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.
--Lucretius (99 B.C. -  55 B.C.)  

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