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Thom Somes is "The Pet Safety Guy" and author of the book, "Knowing Your Pet's Health." Trained as an underwater rescue guy, Thom worked his way through college as an emergency ambulance tech and eventually taught human first aid through the city of San Diego.

His life suddenly took another direction after being asked just one question..."How do I do that to my dog?"

Today, Thom travels internationally and trains others, mostly large organizations, on pet safety and healthy. He also certifies pet care professionals to become dog and cat emergency care trainers.

Thom's trainings focus on achieving optimal health care for dogs and cats. His book provides the basis for this care. Environment, diet and water are the major contributors to dog and cat illnesses.

In this interview Thom answers these questions:
"Is milk and cream good to feed cats?"
"Why does my golden retriever have tumors and ear infections?"
"Why does my cat has discharge and itching around both eyes?"
"How can I relieve my poodle's all over body itching?"

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