November 2, 2009 @ 11:09 PM

A new research study found clear connection between diet (food) and mental health. This in itself isn’t news to Naturopaths and other natural health practitioners. And yet I find it exciting that “modern” medicine is conducting their own research and that more and more ”professional health practitioners”  are correlating mental health, as well as physical health, to food intake.

My bouts with depression were eliminated once my diet was in alignment with my food intolerance test results. I also ate more raw fruits and vegetables, but only those fruits and vegetables that my food sensitivity test approved for me. I was not about to get sick again by eating what dieticians say is healthy food!  After all, it was my eating healthier foods (broccoli, spinach, salmon, olive oil) that caused my immune system to crash.

I suspect that researchers would find even more advanced health results in their subjects if they tested their subjects for food intolerance FIRST then told them to eat more raw fruits and vegetables that their test results approved. After all, we are all different and that includes which foods are healthy for us.

From the article:
Margaret Edwards, head of strategy at the mental health charity SANE, said: “Physical and mental health are closely related, so we should not be too surprised by these results, but we hope there will be further research which may help us to understand more fully the relationship between diet and mental health.”

My thoughts exactly.

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Nerissa Oden