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September 27, 2010 @ 4:54 PM


Those who assume my goal is to promote an anti-doctor mindset will be surprised to learn that the person I credit for saving me from ill health (twice) is my doctor.

He diagnosed my moderate scoliosis as the cause for my frequent migraines, sensitivity to air pollens and digestive complaints. While getting regular treatments I never had another migraine and my health was stronger.

He also diagnosed my hidden food allergies with an Elissa test. I felt much better in just a week, and like I was twenty again by my sixth week without salmon, olive oil, black pepper, broccoli and more. No more sinus headaches, swollen ankles, hay fever allergies, irritable bowel, tinnitus, heart racing, shortness of breath, depression, ...

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September 24, 2010 @ 4:49 PM

In this short 9 minute video you will not see blood or gore but rather the “afterlife” of a farm pig. Christien Meindertsma says even pig farmers don’t know this.

This information is relevant to each of us because we see that pig shows up in many foods and body care products, but you will never find it listed as an ingredient.

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Nerissa Oden

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September 22, 2010 @ 4:44 PM

From CommonDreams.org —

“The genetically modified salmon called AquAdvantage… mixes a gene for producing a growth hormone from the Chinook salmon and a gene that encourages over-production of that hormone from an eel-like fish called the ocean pout.”


Now we have to find a food allergy test that includes Eel?!!

Nerissa Oden

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September 17, 2010 @ 4:40 PM

Ovarian cancer survivor Evita Ramparte tells Holistic Voice about how she cured her cancer naturally through a raw vegan diet without chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

WATCH Evita Ramparte tell her story on the HolisticVoice website. Ten minutes in length.

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September 15, 2010 @ 4:37 PM

Your first line of defense against a hidden food allergy is a FOOD LOG – also known as a food journal or food diary.

To track how your health, mood and inner motivation are triggered by food, you should download and use this free food log:

Food Allergies get noticed by us because they are an OVERreaction to a food. (* Think of a parent jumping out of bed with a gun when they hear their door open. An overreaction that could be deadly.)

Hidden Food Allergies rarely get noticed because our reactions to food are mild. (* A parent is gently bumped by a sleeping child throughout the night. A harmless interaction that results...

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September 15, 2010 @ 4:30 PM

Remember the song, “Rose Colored Glasses?”

How would you know if your food choices
were colored by the same glasses?

For example, we think we KNOW the reasons
for our food consumption and habits.
-When we’re hungry, we know it.
-When we’re thirsty, we know it.
-When we’re stuffed, we know it.

When something tastes good, we know that too.

Actually all of these things we THINK we know
are colored by the glasses we wear.

Now my friend, Marilyn Levin, says it may not
be rose colored glasses that creates your food
choices. It might be glasses colored by scarcity
that creates them instead.

Marilyn says that most of us view our world
from a Scarcity Paradigm. We never ...

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September 5, 2010 @ 3:05 PM

I just watched Jamie Oliver on Ted TV at FoodMatters website. The biggest message of all the wonderful info in this short 20 minute video is – Diet Related Deaths are #1 in America.

Another Jamie Oliver fact that sticks in my mind is that I was one of those kids that Jamie mentions who grow up not knowing how to cook. It wasn’t until turning forty that I became a cook.

One summer my mother became deeply depressed and suddenly at 11 years old I had to buy my own groceries and cook my own food. I ate pancakes for breakfast, lunch at school, then macaroni and cheese for dinner for about three months.

The only reason I even remember this fact is that my school was a large progressive urban school that required a ...

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