November 19, 2009 @ 1:56 PM

I have heard the news and have been silent. Not sure what to say except, “I told you so.” But that is not helpful to you who may be scared and even confused by this latest news. So, here is a great article about the current “mammography stir” — Do Yearly Mammograms Save Women’s Lives?

I also want to try to share what I know without pushing you to buy the educational materials of which I credit my knowledge about the overuse of cancer screenings, cancer itself, and the tremendously huge corporate business of cancer — including cancer organizations.

I want to say first — I don’t fear cancer anymore.

So many people are fearful of getting cancer.  I used to fear cancer especially when the doctors told me that I needed parts of me removed and they could do that for me next week.  But when I educated myself about cancer, I eliminated my fear.  I not only learned what cancer is and how it works, I also learned about the big corporate business of cancer.  It was freeing to learn that survival rates of people who do absolutely nothing are similar to those who undergo surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

But even more influential than those educational sources that I found was my own life experience.  Just looking around, at my friends, family and strangers that I’ve encountered during my lifetime actually confirmed the information in my cancer education materials.

*A friend lost his mother suddenly to chemotherapy for a small spot of lung cancer. She had received radiation treatments in the same area just a year earlier for stage 2 breast cancer.

*A sister-in-law routinely had mammographies. She even had a couple biopsies. But her third biopsy created a rather large hematoma which could not be operated on for months. They don’t make bras combining  B and DD cups.

*A young friend got diagnosed with stage 0 (zero) breast cancer and agreed to a biopsy which resulted in another biopsy surgery. She then agreed 5 weeks of daily radiation treatments. 25 days of radiation for stage ZERO cancer.

*A childhood friend now works at MD Cancer Center and has worked on cancer projects as a researcher for the last ten years. She advises everyone she knows to NOT get an annual mammography screening due to the annual radiation exposure.

*Another friend’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now fighting for her life due to the lingering harmful effects from chemotherapy and radiation. But her cancer is gone.

*Another childhood friend’s mammography revealde particles of something. She had a history of calcium clusters in that breast. Just to be ”safe” they punctured her breast for a biopsy. They found calcium clusters.

*Another sister-in-law had cancer removed and underwent chemotherapy. Now, she is fighting for her life against a virus that she picked up at the hospital. A virus that can only be stopped by a drug. The drug causes cancer.

*According to an in-law, he’s seen several friends deteriorate the day they got pancreas biopsies. After chemotherapy they became dependent, then bed ridden, and then die. Happens in weeks or months.

*I heard a story about a woman friend of my mother who went to Hawaii for vacation and come back minus her stomach. She can’t eat now and is depressed. The cancer had been growing for years but “needed to be removed immediately.”

* A friend has several years without his cancer returning but now the effects of radiation are showing.

Folks, I will not live forever. I do not know if my passing will be traumatic, or slowly diseased. I DO KNOW THAT CANCER is a sign of unbalanced health and it can be treated in many natural ways. It usually grows slowly over months, years, even decades.


Nerissa Oden