August 16, 2009 @ 6:00 AM

(posted with permission of Joe Vitale)

“What Happened?”
by Dr. Joe Vitale

I ate dinner one night and an hour after it
my throat began to close, my breathing
grew shallow, my heart started to race,
and I looked for the phone to call 911.

I know enough self-healing methods to
calm myself down and used them to
get past this scare.

It passed but left me shaken.

What had happened?

I talked it over with Nerissa and we decided
to ask the waiter what was in the food I had
just eaten.

“Nothing much,” he said. “Tuna and herbs,
and some paprika.”



That may mean nothing to you, but I had
taken a food allergy test months earlier
and learned paprika was a fire-alarm no-no
to my body. Had I known it was in my meal,
I never would have ordered it.

And that’s the thing.

Most of us are eating normal and even
“healthy” foods that are actually allergens
to our bodies.

A direct food allergy is one thing, but a
food sensitivity is another.

A food allergy is something that will send
you to the Emergency Room in hours.

But a food sensitivity is something that
you don’t even notice for a few days.

You wake up with a headache, or a cold,
or feeling bad, but have no idea that it’s
due to the food you ate three days before.

In short, you have to know your food
sensitivities to stay away from them as
well as to heal them.

But almost nobody knows what foods
they are sensitive to.

I’m sensitive to more than just paprika,
and can now do something about it.

But before it you are left with a mystery,
and traditional medicine will just try
to medicate you or do surgery on you.

Isn’t there a better solution?

Nerissa spent the last year researching
this area and just put up a website to
teach you about it.

It’s eye-opening.

And freeee.

It includes interviews with people about
how to discover and do something about
your health through knowing your food

I’ll be interviewed next month, and will
reveal some shocking things about my
health — things that will also help you.

To get the interviews and be alerted
when my interview is ready, go to –

Please do it right now.

This is for *your* health, not mine.


PS — Nerissa’s site boldly declares –
“If you have an illness, whether you’re suffering
from pollen allergies, or you’ve got cancer, then
get a food sensitivity test. Because avoiding
foods that show up on your test results will
help your body to heal itself.”

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