August 25, 2010 @ 2:50 PM

Two of the most unnecessary surgeries on women in America are the CESAREAN and the HYSTERECTOMY.

According to The Center for Disease Control, one in four women will have a hysterectomy before they reach 60 years of age. CDC also states it is the 2nd most common major medical procedure among women.

In 2007 a major surgery called Cesarean accounted for a one-third of all US births. In 2006, the Cesarean procedure was the most frequently performed surgical procedure in American hospitals.

Two articles below highlight how doctors are choosing these medical procedures for profit over their patient health. In addition, hospital rules are supporting profit over health and also severely restricting a patient’s right to choose a less dangerous alternative.

1. Once a Cesarean, Rarely A Choice
“With the current national cesarean rate of 31.8 percent, a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) rate of only 7.8 percent, and nearly 40 percent of US hospitals banning vaginal birth after cesarean, many women are finding they have no choice but to undergo major abdominal surgeries for the delivery of their children.”

2. More women dying from pregnancy complications; state holds on to report
“Changes in the population – obese mothers, older mothers and fertility treatments – cannot completely account for the rise in deaths in California, said Dr. Elliott Main, the principal investigator for the task force.  Main said scientists have started to ask what doctors are doing differently. And, he added, it’s hard to ignore the fact that C-sections have increased 50 percent in the same decade that maternal mortality increased. The task force has found that changing clinical practice could prevent a significant number of these deaths.”

Traditionally when individual liberty and freedom is eroded by a system or a culture, it is their women and children who are targeted first under the guise of protectionism.

Nerissa Oden