August 31, 2009 @ 4:01 PM

1. "The biggest drop in breast cancer incidence came not from changes in treatment or detection, but from the decline in hormone replacement therapy usage when the Women’s Health Initiative data was released in 2002.”

2. Measurable cancer deaths on the decline.
(NERISSA’s NOTE: This due to stats tracking 5 year survival rate after detection. If you die from cancer after your 5th year, you are called a “cancer survivor” and cancer organizations stop tracking you. Because you survived it, of course.)

3. “We are using more chemotherapy, more radiation therapy, and more surgery on these individuals. With these treatments, we have achieved modest gains in life expectancy, but we are not, in general, “curing” people.”
(NERISSA’s NOTE: Refer to my note on #2 above.)

Read all three perspectives from cancer experts in The New York Times–

Nerissa Oden