September 7, 2009 @ 6:30 PM

In this country at this time, we must be more responsible for our own health than at any other time in our nation’s history. At this time our food system is plentiful but full of empty calories, chemicals and even deadly outbreaks. Our drug industry is practically self regulated with regulation that only requires the meds to work better than a sugar pill. Our medical industry only promotes relief that include drugs or surgery, but doesnt address the root of any illness–poor nutrition, toxicity, stress or emotional trauma.

Precisely because many our societal systems are corrupt and broken, precisely because deregulation has left our population vulnerable to fraud , greed and lies wrapped up in pretty commercials and sound bites, precisely because our culture has become the land of ”Poor People Suck” attitude,  it is up to the individual now more then ever in recent history to rise above it all. To rise above our culture of greed and hypocrosy, in a new way, a more individual way, and a more fruitful way.

This is why I cried when I read the transcript of President Obama’s address to our school children.  I wish an adult would have communicated to me that way when I was growing up. Obama understands that personal responsibility can override all the crap that school kids face. That in the face of adversity a child can decide to ride the wave of despair or ride the wave of hope and change, no matter what the personal, environmental or cultural circumstance. And not only is personal responsibilty good for the individual, it’s also good for culture and country. We are NOT alone. We DO matter. Even kids abandoned by their parents, let down by their teachers, and betrayed by the legal and societal systems that were susposed to be beacons of lightin an otherwise dim and dark life. Even these individuals matter to self and society.

Read Obama’s address here